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UK Graduatewebsite uses cookies to distinguish you from other users. Some are created by our website and some by third parties on our behalf.

Essential cookies

Essential cookies are needed for our website to work. If you block all cookies from our website, it may not function properly.

Load balancing cookies

Visits to our website are distributed across several servers to help us handle large numbers of visitors. A cookie is set on your device so the website can remember which server you are allocated to.

Session cookies

When you visit our website, the things you do while you’re here are called a session. A cookie is set on your device so that the website can remember information you’ve given us as you move from page to page. Without session cookies, multi-page forms (for example) would not work.

Non-essential cookies

Our website also sets cookies that are not essential for it to function but are very useful either for website visitors or the College itself.

Usage statistics

As you use our website, data about your visit is sent to Google Analytics so that we know how many people are using it. Google Analytics will set cookies on your device so that it can associate multiple page visits with the same visitor. It can also collect demographic and interest’s information from the DoubleClick cookie, a third party advertising cookie, if it's present on your device.

Live chat

If you use our live chat, the data you provide is sent to LiveChat. LiveChat also sets cookies so that you can continue a previous chat the next time you come to our website.


If you give feedback through our feedback tabs and popups, Hotjar will set cookies to avoid asking you the same questions twice.

Content from other sites

On pages that include YouTube videos, cookies are set by Google so that they can show more relevant adverts to you. You can opt out via Google’s Ads Settings.

Advertising effectiveness

On parts of our website, we use code provided by Google, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat to serve adverts based on someone’s past visit (retargeting) and measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. This code sets cookies which allow us to match our advertising to the right people on Facebook, Google and Snapchat and tells us which advert was the most successful.

You can opt-out of these cookies via the Facebook Your InformationGoogle’s Ads SettingsTwitter privacy controls and Snapchat Support pages or visit Your Online Choices and switch off behavioural advertising from a large number of companies.

On, cookies may be set by Instapage that allow us to test and improve our marketing landing pages.

Managing and blocking cookies

You can change the settings in your browser software to manage individual cookies or block cookies altogether. Below are instructions for popular browsers:

Changes to this cookie notice

We reserve the right to change this information without notice.

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