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What is a pathway program?

Imagine opening yourself to new experiences, immersing yourself in new cultures, studying in an exciting location, and progressing to a leading university abroad. With a pathway program, you can!

We can help you gain entry to a bachelor’s or master’s degree at university in the UK or Europe. And you’ll have our full support along the way, as you follow your path to a fantastic education and a great advantage in your future career.

We help hundreds of students enroll in higher education programs each year – they’ve followed their path to university, and you can follow yours, too. If you’re an international student, our pathway programs can help you study a university degree abroad. You’ll develop your academic skills, subject knowledge and English or other country language to the level needed for degree entry, while adapting to student life in another country. Or if you already qualify for entry, we can help you apply for direct admission to a degree.
Turn your dreams into a reality at university abroad – make it possible with a UK Graduate Pathway program.



1. Apply to UK Graduate with your existing qualifications. We accept qualifications from all around the world.

2. Take a Pathway Course with UK Graduate. Typically, you’ll study on the campus of your destination university. And in all cases, your program is designed specifically for international students – just like you.

3. Enjoy Guaranteed University Entry. When you pass your pathway program at the required level with good attendance, you’re guaranteed entry to your chosen university from UK Graduate Pathways’ partner institutions.

4. Complete your degree and graduate. Begin your career with a respected degree and a great advantage.


Take a program designed for you
Our pathway programs are created specifically for international students like you, and are taught at specialist study centers. We help you to improve your academic skills, English language level and subject knowledge, so you can achieve success at university and beyond.
Learn from the best
With expert teachers who understand the specific needs of international students, your learning is in safe hands. With their guidance and your hard work, you can achieve the level you need to progress to university, and to succeed in your degree.
Get support at every step
We’ll be by your side as you follow your path. You can rely on our helpful program and pre-arrival advice, convenient airport transfers, supportive welcome weeks, tailored social activities, and of course, dedicated academic and wellbeing care all through your pathway program.

Ready to get started?

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