Our Mission.

To promote and provide the opportunity for participation in the learning process by those with the ambition and commitment to succeed and to maintain a learning community that meets the diverse needs of our students, the economy and society at large, through high quality academic and vocational education and training leading to talented, committed, industry-focused and career ready students.

Our Vision.

UK Graduate is a specialist, innovative, industry-led technical and vocational College, recognised as a market leader in supporting people to access skills and progress into the world of work.

Our proud tradition as an excellent Land based provider of education will be retained and enhanced. Alongside this, we will develop a complimentary curriculum that has a strong emphasis on the environment and associated technologies.

Our ambition to become a carbon neutral college will permeate throughout the organisation and be evident in all we do. Sustainability will be at the heart of everything we do. We will become a well-being centre of excellence for both students and staff, promoting a safe and healthy environment to learn and work. Our culture will be people centric and our curriculum growth will focus on future technologies and environmental sustainability.

Our programmes will be forward thinking, engaging, and constantly motivate our students to higher levels of attainment.

We will deliver facilities, a curriculum, education and training that meets the needs of our stakeholders and facilitates progression to employment.

Our programmes will be inclusive and our processes will allow us to measure the social impact of the College.