In this section you will find policies and procedures which relate to Short Courses and Further Education provision at UK Graduate College. The following policies are generic and are relevant to students considering studying a short course or studying at a higher level with us.

Safeguarding and Health & Safety Policies and Procedures

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General Policies and Procedures

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Student Forms

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All UK Graduate College Policies are subject to screening for Equality Impact Assessment
Equality Impact Assessments are carried out to see whether the policy has, or is likely to have, a negative impact on grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, marriage or civil partnership, sex or sexual orientation

UK Graduate not only fulfils its legal position in relation to current and future equality legislation, but additionally goes beyond compliance in providing and promoting “Opportunities for all to succeed”, free from any aspect of discrimination, harassment or victimisation.

All staff have a duty of care to look after the interests of and support their colleagues. This policy takes account of ourcommitment to eliminating discrimination, identifying and removing barriers and providing equal opportunities for our learners, staff and visitors to ensure that no one feels excluded or disadvantaged. 

Safeguarding, Learner Protection and Prevent
All staff have a responsibility to support and promote the College’s commitment to providing a safe environment for students, staff and visitors. Additionally, all staff have a responsibility to report any safeguarding or Prevent issues to the Designated Senior Lead for Safeguarding and Prevent.