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English For International Students
(Short- Term Study Visa).

The UK Graduate offers courses designed to accommodate the diverse needs of international students looking to improve their English proficiency for a range of purposes. Whether you're preparing for academic studies or aiming to progress in your career, our program is tailored to meet your individual requirements.

English For International Students
(Short-Term Study Visa)

Who is This Course for?

The UK Graduate offers a specialized course for international students designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals aiming to enhance their English language proficiency for various purposes. Whether you want to improve your language skills before starting your studies or advancing your professional career, our program is tailored to your specific requirements. By enrolling in our course, you will not only build a solid foundation in the English language but also immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of British culture. Our curriculum reinforces your learning to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the language. Our dedicated team is committed to helping you make rapid progress, enabling you to achieve your educational and professional goals with ease.

English Course Objectives

Our classes are designed to rapidly improve your overall English proficiency in listening, reading, writing, and speaking, enabling you to communicate with fluency and ease. Alongside these core language skills, our program focuses on developing essential competencies.Through our curriculum, you'll have the chance to cultivate important skills such as intercultural communication, cultural awareness, effective networking, relationship-building, efficient note-taking, confident presentation delivery, and leadership and management abilities. By actively participating in our classes, you will not only see significant progress in your language skills but also gain a comprehensive set of skills that will benefit your personal and professional growth.

6-11 Months
Course Duration
Start Date
Mode of Delivery

Visa Information

A short-term English language study visa permits you to enroll in an English language course for a duration of 6 to 11 months. UK Graduate will prepare the necessary letter for your UKVI visa application. Upon receiving the fees for the study period, we will provide a signed and stamped 'letter of confirmation' of studies to support your visa application.

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Hosts International is registered with the British Council as a provider of homestay, private home, and independent self-catering accommodation for both adults and under-18s for accredited providers in the UK.

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There are two types of accommodations:

Homestay: Living with a homestay family offers an unforgettable experience that helps students gradually adjust to and learn about British culture, avoiding cultural shock. It's proven that student welfare significantly impacts grades and focus. Our homestays provide not just meals and accommodation but also interaction, English language practice, and a home-like environment.

House Share: For students seeking a more independent lifestyle, our house shares in central London offer the perfect solution. Students share accommodations with other international students, fostering a communal living experience.

Prices for homestays range from £170.00 to £250.00 per week.

Airport Transfers: If it's your first time in the UK, Hosts International can arrange airport to accommodation transfer services.

Travel Insurance: To ensure a stress-free and enjoyable experience during your course, we highly recommend obtaining travel insurance before your studies begin. Travel insurance is essential for protecting your financial investment in case of unforeseen events like illness or serious accidents that prevent travel. It covers various expenses such as:

Immigration Health Surcharge
: For short-term English study visas, this fee is part of your online visa application, granting you access to the UK's comprehensive range of national health services, including free doctor appointments and hospital services.

All students have access to emergency healthcare services at no charge while in the UK. In case of an emergency requiring immediate medical attention, dial 999 to request an ambulance. There are no costs for contacting emergency services or receiving urgent care at public hospitals, though expenses may be incurred for extended hospital stays or further treatment.


Travelling to UK Graduate

Located in the heart of Whitechapel, London, our establishment is in a vibrant and culturally rich area. Whitechapel is known for its unique blend of history and modernity, with the iconic Whitechapel Gallery and the historic Brick Lane Market adding to its charm.

Whitechapel holds a significant place in London’s history, being associated with several important historical events and figures. It’s also known for its diverse culinary scene, with a plethora of eateries offering cuisines from around the world.

In terms of connectivity, Whitechapel is second to none. The area is served by the Whitechapel Station, which provides access to the London Overground and the District and Hammersmith & City lines, ensuring easy commute to various parts of London. The upcoming Crossrail, Elizabeth Line, will further enhance the connectivity, providing a direct link to Heathrow Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world.

Whether you’re a commuter, a food enthusiast, or a history buff, Whitechapel has something to offer for everyone. Its excellent location and connectivity make it an ideal place for our establishment.


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