Our Testimonials

Employabilty Course Student

"My name is Istiak Ahamed, and I recently completed the employability course at this esteemed UK Graduate College. The course exceeded my expectations in every way. The comprehensive curriculum covered everything from CV writing and interview techniques to networking strategies and personal branding. The dedicated faculty provided invaluable insights and personalized feedback that significantly boosted my confidence. Moreover, the practical workshops and real-world projects allowed me to apply what I learned in a hands-on environment. Thanks to this course, I successfully secured a position at a leading company in my field. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to enhance their career prospects and professional skills."

Istiak Ahamed

Student of Employability Course Batch 2

After studying employability course, I feel I have made the best decision of my life.

The Employability Course at UK Graduate College equipped me with vital job search skills and confidence. Their personalized mentoring and practical training were invaluable. Thanks to their support, I'm highly confident that I will get my desired job very soon now.

Mahmud Hossain

Student of Employability Course Batch 2

Learning new skills in life is highly beneficial

i am really confident after doing this course and they gave me all the necessary skills to land a new job.

Raisa Nawar Ruponty

Student of Employability Course Batch 2

I feel prepared and empowered to pursue my career goals.

With new skills and knowledge that i learned from UK Graduate College, I'm confident in overcoming any challenges ahead. I'm excited to seize opportunities and achieve my professional dreams

Saimum Bin Noor

Student of Employability Course Batch 2