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As a study destination, Croatia follows the Bologna Process and offer students undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate opportunities across the country. The long educational tradition derives from universities focusing on academia, science and professional studies which equip students with applicable knowledge and skills sought after the relevant industry labour market.

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Dual degree with low tuition fees
€6,123 per year
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software engineering

BSc in Applied Computer Engineering (Software Engineering)

Upon graduating, you’ll know everything there is to know about software engineering, you’ll master the dominant object-oriented .NET and JAVA languages, learn how to programme, develop and manage complex apps and IT systems.

System Engineering

BSc in Applied Computer Engineering (Systems Engineering)

The course programme is a perfect choice if you love to think outside the box, come up with solutions to complex problems or simply to create order out of chaos (or is it the other way around).

Upon graduating, you’ll know everything there is to know about design and maintenance of computer systems and complex computer networks. You’re bound to become an expert on computer security as well as learn all about optimization methods and risk management.

computer science degree
psychology degree
Multimedia Computing

BSc in Multimedia Computing

If your passion lies in discovering new technologies and if you dream of an exciting career during which you’ll develop and apply the latest in cutting-edge solutions in a creative way, then the Multimedia Computing course programme is the right option for you.

During the course you will be acquainted and ushered into the world of digital content creation with 2D and 3D animation, audio and video material. We will teach you how to develop web pages and how to design user interfaces.

Digital Marketing

BSc in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is fast becoming one of the most sought-after fields of Information Technology meaning that this degree is likely to shorten your job search significantly. In essence, this is the future of marketing, the most fun and creative work in the field of business today.

Upon graduating you’re bound to be a true guru of digital marketing on operational and tactical level. You’ll master all the ins and outs of the immensely popular digital channels and discover all the known and hidden tricks of the trade from leading experts.

computer science degree
psychology degree

BA in Visual Communications Design (Design)

Become a part of a new generation of creative and innovative designers who transform their ideas and knowledge into exciting projects in the field of market communications! Use the latest digital technologies, engage in all aspects of visual design, brand design, print design, commercial and marketing campaigns and design visual projects for a wide range of social and commercial needs!

Benefits of Studying in Croatia

Work permit

Full time and exchange students able to work through student contracts.

Low Tuition Fees

Value for money - affordable tuition fees starting from just 6,123 euros per year.

Low cost of living

Low every day living costs – compared to other European destinations.

British Degree

Dual degree with Goldsmiths, University of London which means an EU & UK degree at an affordable price!

Residents Permit

You will receive your resident permit upon arrival.

Schengen Country

As you have a residence permit in Croatia you can travel around Europe in your holidays.

Programmes starting from €6,123 per year

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